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The Passionate

An engineer by training, I am curious by nature and about nature. I now invest all my time and the time of many relatives and friends, to whom I am sincerely grateful, in the development of this vineyard with a down-to-earth approach, respectful of the soil and committed to the production of the healthiest, most digestible and natural wines.  Join us in tasting this great Quebec wine adventure.

Danny Slater


The committed Ingeneous

My journey into the world of vineyard management has been marked by a deep respect for land and nature, an insatiable curiosity for the intricacies of grape growing, and an unyielding commitment to producing the finest fruit that epitomizes the terroir.


Head of Cultivation


Projects need to be realized with both joy and some effort. Le Clos sans frontières is no exception.  Since the beginning, we have counted on the precious support of family and friends for planting, harvesting, and winterization, among other tasks. Many have suffered some back pain in the process, but all experienced the joy of working together and sharing some great meals.  Above gratitude, we owe each and everyone immense recognition for their loyalty and support to our vision.


The idyllic imagery of wine production, harvesting has always been done by hand at Clos sans frontières, firstly out of sheer necessity, but also because it is congruent with our natural approach and our desire to minimize our carbon emissions.

In addition to offering ideal occasions to gather and feast, manual harvesting allows for more refinement in the selection of plots to harvest and bunches to pick.


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