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At Clos sans frontières, our mission is to produce exceptional wines that embody the essence of the terroir.  Guided by a passion for natural and organic wines, we strive to create wines that delight the senses, elevate experiences and foster memorable moments.

Cheers !


Located in the south of Quebec, the Clos sans frontières almost adjoins the border we share with our American neighbors. Surrounded by actual natural stonewalls, the vineyard extends over two hectares on a soil characterized by sedimentary rocks deposited by the retreat of the Champlain Sea glaciers, thus on a clayey-loamy soil. This favorable geographic location is particularly well suited for the cultivation of Vitis vinifera, the renowned grape varieties from which our wines draw their nobility.


Beyond the trend in organic wine and sustainable agriculture, our project was driven by the desire to produce distinctive wines.  It began with the idea of cultivating vines on living soil with the least  intervention possible.  It was nonetheless imperative to invest significant time and energy on the vineyard infrastructure and drainage to face the inevitable climatic hazards.  Work which preceded the planting of vine stock by several years.

From the outset, we wanted to produce only with noble grape varieties. We were confident that the microclimate of southern Quebec would be favorable for our first plantings of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling, as well as Chenin Blanc, a varietal that is uncommon in Québec.

Since then, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Cabernet Franc and Syrah have been added.


Naturally producing the best grapes with as little intervention as possible, by eliminating all herbicides and pesticides, from the onset, has been the philosophy behind the vine management at Clos sans frontières.  But naturally isn't easy. Spring pruning, mechanical weeding, organic treatments, leaf stripping, vine lifting, fall pre-pruning, installation and removal of winter protection are just some of the activities that attach us to the vineyard throughout the seasons.

We are not seeking to cumulate the number of certifications, but our commitment to organic agriculture is recognized by EcoCert , one of the organizations most renowned for its independence and impartiality. This is a recognition that we are proud to mention. It underlines the importance and relevance of the choices we make to offer the best natural wines.


During vinification, just as in the vineyard, Clos sans frontières wines are produced with a minimum of intervention. We seek the natural taste of the grape varieties and the unaltered expression of the vintage, respecting what the seasons offer us. Our wines are therefore vinified without enzymes, tannins or sugar added. We use native yeasts, no or minimal filtering, and no sulfites are added unless absolutely necessary, well below the limits for organic certified wines.


The Clos sans frontières is the fruit of our work as much as our reveries. Our authentic stone walls (clos) are surprisingly open to the world and our vines reach beyond all borders. This is why we are proud to offer our wines packaged with beautiful labels developed in collaboration with the artist Berlu to illustrate our passion and invite you to discover the taste.

Cheers !

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